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We provide consultation services to small and medium sized companies.  

Our services include office management and business processes to improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs.


Board Development training, assessments, conflict

resolution, enhance relationships, clarify the role of board, support recruitment selection and retention.

Executive Coaching to strengthen your leadership strategies, empower teams for top efficiency, and assist you through leadership changes. Provide tailored 

executive coaching services for individuals and teams to help define and advance leadership capacities, understand common deficits and bad habits, and solve specific challenges.

COA Accreditation to support the preparation for licensing, site visits, internal investigations, complaint investigations, accreditation work plans, readiness
assessments, self study assistance, coaching, mock accreditation reviews and correction plans.

Staff Training and Development provided through a variety of models to train the social services workforce and improve workers' effectiveness in meeting the needs of children, youth, and families.

On-Site Office Management Services to assist social service managers, supervisors, and administrators to provide effective leadership and build and maintain a skilled workforce. Effective management and supervision enhances
agency and staff performance and can lead to improved outcomes for children, youth, and families.

Operations Improvement to provide information on ways agencies address improvement, including defining, measuring, and improving outcomes; collaborating with other agencies and systems; performing reviews of practices;
and maintaining standards of professional conduct.

Risk Management supports assisting administrators and program managers with designing and conducting evaluations and using evaluation findings to improve
social services.

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